Service Dog Presentations

TLCAD provides Service Dog presentations to educate the community about Service Dogs, positive reinforcement Service Dog training methods and how Service Dogs can transform the lives of individuals with autism and Wounded Warriors. Our goal is increase education and awareness about Service Dogs as well as the roles they play in the lives of individuals with disabilities.

TLCAD Community Programs 1

TLCAD Service Dog presentations can include any of the following components,
based on the audience:

  • Video highlighting how Service Dogs help individuals with autism (5 minutes)
  • Video highlighting how Service Dogs help Wounded Warriors (5 minutes)
  • Interactive Service Dog demonstrations (audience/dog)
  • Service Dog Etiquette Education
  • Service Dog information handouts appropriate for the age of audience
  • Positive Reinforcement Service Dog Training Education
  • Disability Awareness Education

Presentation Location Options

TLCAD presents at your location- TLCAD team members can travel to the organization/group requesting the presentation, and present in a designated location. We only present to groups located in San Diego County.

Please note the typical audiences who request our Service Dog presentations:

  • Service Clubs (i.e. Kiwanis Club, Rotary Club)
  • Local Veteran Organizations (i.e., VFW)
  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Medical Facilities (i.e., VA Clinics)
  • Disability Support Groups
  • Girl Scout and Boy Scout Troops
  • Summer Camps for Children
  • Diversity Fairs
  • Church Groups
  • Special Need/ Autism Advocacy Groups
  • Organizations that serve Wounded Warriors
TLCAD Community Programs 2

Request a TLCAD Service Dog Presentation

To request a Service Dog presentation, please complete our TLCAD Presentation Request Form
and we will contact you for scheduling.

Donations for Presentations

We greatly appreciate any donations for our presentations, as it helps cover expenses. However, donations are not required, but encouraged. All donations are tax-deductible.

Suggested minimum donation for groups under 30 people: $75

Suggested minimum donations for groups over 30 people (i.e., assemblies): $125

Please make your check payable to Tender Loving Canines Assistance Dogs.