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Wounded Warrior applications for PTSD and Mobility.

Tender Loving Canines Assistance Dogs, Inc. is not currently accepting applications for autism recipients at this time due to the overwhelming demand for autism Service Dogs that exceeds the number of dogs we can supply. Please see the following links that may assist you in pursuing an autism Service Dog at this time.

Our Service Dogs

While TLCAD strives to fulfill the high demand for custom trained dogs, our small non-profit organization incurs a cost of $20,000 per dog over the two years we spend on the training and placement of each Service Dog.

The high cost of our Service Dogs is reflective of the level of care, training and quality customized placement process that takes place with individuals with autism and Wounded Warriors. Our dogs are trained using positive reinforcement to a high standard ensuring they are prepared for their roles as Service Dogs in the lives of our clients. Our customized placement process with clients takes four to six months, which includes education, training and customization of cues. We work with our clients diligently across a variety of environments to ensure that they maximize the use of their Service Dog to the best of their ability to gain independence and a better quality of life. Our cost also covers the lifetime follow up and availability of TLCAD trainers and staff for the working life of the dog. The available continuity of training resources ensures that highest level of benefit is maintained as our clients' needs may develop and change over the years. All of these factors help to create quality customized placements that successfully transform the lives of our clients and their families.

We attempt to absorb as much of our $20,000 cost as possible with grants and individual donations to our Scholarship Fund. We are grateful for this essential support and sincerely thank our donors for their valuable contribution to our work.

Please note that we have no dogs ready for placement at this time.