Our Dogs: In Training

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Cleo Canine Assistance Dog


Cleo is TLCAD's rescue dog.  She is extremely affectionate and playful, but knows that working is a serious matter. She does a great job demonstrating how a Service Dog should act in public.  She loves to go out to dinners and even enjoys going to the movie theater! 

Dante Canine Assistance Dog


Dante is Yankees brother. Eager to learn and focused on his training, Dante makes a great addition to TLCAD.



Foster is Murphy's full brother. He is a friendly and sweet lab who loves to retrieve. Foster can be always found carrying his favorite toy everywhere he goes.

Jude Canine Assistance Dog


Jude is a joy to be around and brings a smile to every ones face, especially at the veterinarian offices. He is maturing into a bright young man, and loves learning new behaviors.

Murphy Canine Assistance Dog


Murphy's is growing into a smart and talented Service Dog in Training. He's rooming with Solar, another Service Dog in Training. The digs are nice and the food just keeps coming. Murphy got it down pretty quickly that the way to his trainer's heart was just to do everything Solar did. Easy. Don't tell him he's learning anything.

Romy Canine Assistance Dog


Romy and Dottie are siblings. Romy is the "active” sister. She just likes to be involved in everything. She has opinions and energy. Romy is a very happy girl!

Yankee Canine Assistance Dog


Yankee was TLCAD's pick of the litter. He loves all people and animals, especially his buddy Murphy. Loves to learn and play with new toys.

Zephyr Canine Assistance Dog


Zephyr is the cute, half-brother to Solar. He is a labradoodle who is very inquisitive and desires to learn. Spunky and with great hair, Zephyr is a joy to be around.