Facility Dogs

In addition to dogs that are trained to assist an individual, TLCAD also trains dogs to serve the needs of many in our Facility Dog program. These highly specialized dogs assist professionals (e.g., teachers, therapists, medical providers) in providing animal assisted therapy for individuals with autism in schools and the therapy centers as well as Wounded Warriors in outpatient clinics and at military hospitals. Facility dogs assist these populations by serving as a model, motivator and reinforcer, helping them to meet their therapeutic goals.

Facility Dogs

"Magic provides students with motivation and comfort.
They look forward to learning with the help of Magic."

At a school for children with autism, a facility dog can help up 20 or more students a day, assisting them to meet their academic, social and communication goals.

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Facility Dogs with Murphy Kim

"Murphy helps me with my balance during therapy and keeps my mood even. Murphy gives me confidence when he works with me in therapy. He is a great fall back to rely on when I get unsteady."
- Naval Medical Center San Diego patient

At a military hospital, a Facility Dog can make a difference by providing comfort and motivation for a veteran going through painful exercises needed to gain strength and mobility.

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TLCAD matches facility dogs with qualified professionals in San Diego County based on the strengths and skills of the dog and the needs of the population they serve.