Facility Service Dogs

Facility Dog Program

Facility Service Dogs

In addition to dogs that are trained to assist an individual, TLCAD also trains dogs to serve the needs of many in their Facility Dog Program. These highly specialized dogs touch the lives of children in special needs schools and developmental therapy centers as well as veterans in outpatient clinics at military hospitals both on and off base.

Their work is varied and they must be trained for competence in many situations. They may be required to assist veterans with mobility exercises in a physical therapy room. Or decrease anxiety levels in which service members that have recently returned home experience when participating in a group therapy session.

In a day's work at a Speech and Language Therapy facility for autistic children, the dog might demonstrate how "sitting quietly" looks. Or what the words "next to" or "behind" look like. In the Occupational Therapy gym, the dog might be the reason a child is willing to crawl through a play tunnel for the first time. Because the dog led the way.

These dogs have but one owner. They are a team of two, who pool their skills and their hearts in the service of others.

One of our Facility Dogs is "Magic" and he works at TERI, Inc., the Training, Education & Research Institute for children and adults with developmental and learning disabilities. Together with Magic, TERI focuses on how to change the lives of many individuals on the autism spectrum and serving children and adults for a lifespan. Magic, a Labradoodle, works with a teaching specialist at the TERI Learning Academy in Oceanside, California. This dog affects the lives of up to 70 students and their families, as well as the 75 member teaching staff. This school is dedicated to serving students in the San Diego, California area with autism and other developmental disabilities for ages 8 to 22 years.

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