Volunteer and Transform a Life!

Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with TLCAD. Your involvement will help us to transform the lives of individuals with autism and Wounded Warriors with Service Dogs!

Foster Guardian

Foster GuardianApply Now

Become a Foster Guardian and transform the life of a shelter or rescue dog!

This volunteer role involves 6 weeks of housing and caring for a shelter or rescue service dog candidate during TLCAD's rescue assessment process. Volunteers will work with our training department to observe, socialize and prepare a service dog candidate to enter our prison service dog training program. After the 6-week assessment period, TLCAD either adopts the dog to become a service dog-in-training, or works with rescues and shelters to find a loving forever home for the dog.

  • The shelter dogs we are assessing need to be fostered in a cat-free home with dog-friendly dogs only.

Community Trainer

Community TrainerApply Now

Train a Service Dog & Transform a Life!

Community trainers volunteer to house, care for and train a TLCAD Service Dog. Please note:

  • TLCAD Service Dog Trainer commitment is usually 18 months to 24 months
  • TLCAD covers all cost related to Service Dogs-in-Training (e.g. food, vet care, training materials)
  • Volunteer Service Dog trainers are required to attend weekly 1-hour training sessions with their Service Dog-in-Training
Dog SitterApply Now

Dog Sitter

Dog Sitters are volunteers who care for TLCAD Service Dogs-in-training on a temporary and as needed basis while their trainers are away.

Please note that due to the health and welfare of our dogs, we only consider dog sitters that DO NOT have other dogs or small children in the home.


OutreachApply Now

Support our outreach efforts and transform lives with Service Dogs!

Outreach is the perfect volunteer role for those that are passionate about transforming lives of individuals with autism and Wounded Warriors with Service Dogs. TLCAD outreach volunteers:

  • Attend training classes and events in the community to educate the public about our mission, programs and volunteer opportunities
  • Support fund raising efforts